Review: ZombieBooth turns your portraits into diseased zombies

Create zombie-fied photos of yourself and friends with this easy-to-use app.

ZombieBooth takes advantage of the popularity of image-morphing apps to transform your face into a zombie, and for the most part it works very well. With a few added quirks and some interesting features to boot, ZombieBooth does more than other similarly themed apps, creating a surprisingly lifelike experience that can be somewhat creepy.

The app starts by taking a photo, either from your library (if it's a full facial picture) or from your phone. It recommends using front facing mode and framing the face in the center of the image, which we can verify with our testing. Odd angles were not effective as the face animated in strange ways. After taking a photo and tagging the eyes and mouth, the app will transform it into a zombie, complete with moving mouth, crazy eyes, and shaking head. The effect is actually somewhat disturbing (in a good way). One of the strange features in the app is its use of "viruses," which must either be purchased or earned by logging in daily. You'll need these to enhance your zombie appearance or create new zombies.

While the app doesn't do a lot other than transform your images (and let you take photos of those transformations), the way it is done and the added features and use of viruses are all well done. The app is free, the effects are pretty incredible, and the results are fun to watch. If you are a zombie fan, this is a fun app to take for a spin.

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