Review: Zapya provides a multiplatform file-transfer solution

Move files quickly between iPhones and other devices with this mobile app.

Zapya is a very effective, easy-to-use file-transfer app that suffers only from its lack of clarity during the installation and setup phase. Despite its slick design and early tutorial, it's not immediately clear how to share files with friends or other devices. As it turns out, it's fairly easy, so this is only an issue until you get it working; and while transfers are only as fast as the slowest device in the connection, it is generally quite quick.

Zapya connects iOS devices with non-iOS devices for file transfers. Because it is a near universal app, the process works very well, but keep in mind that you will need to be on the same Wi-Fi network with someone before you can transfer files. If someone has the Zapya app on their device, and connects to your Wi-Fi network, they will show up as an available friend. Whatever files they choose to make available can be transferred while you are connected. You can choose which of your files are available, as well, from numerous menus in the streamlined interface that appears after installation.

Zapya doesn't do much that other file-transfer apps don't. But with a visual file display, separation of images, videos and music, and multiplatform support, Zapya is one of the better options currently on the App Store and a great way to share your memories or favorite files with someone when connected to the same network.

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