Review: VIP Access provides a much-needed additional layer of security

Protect yourself online with additional security codes on highly sensitive Web sites.

VIP Access is a tool from Symantec that adds a strict layer of security to your mobile and desktop browsing through an ultimately easy-to-use mobile app. While you'll need to spend some time on the front end, understanding how it works and you'll need to add additional codes to ensure secure access, the effect of this is that it is nearly impossible for someone to gain access to your most secure accounts.

VIP Access works exceptionally well for the sites on which it is available. Using Verisign technology and powered by Symantec, it has a strong and secure pedigree, and it is supported by PayPal, eBay, Merrill Lynch, and dozens of other secure online banks, business portals, and resource management systems. Of course, because the companies that use it need to opt in and set up a log-in portal, not all of your bank accounts and online tools may use it, limiting how effective it might be on a person-by-person basis. At the same time, the app and its companion Web site tools are not very descriptive in how the system works. You'll likely spend some time digging through the tutorials to untangle the system.

That said, if you do use the services supported by VIP Access and want to ensure your security on those sites--both on your mobile device and on your desktop--is as secure as possible, we do recommend this app. Easy enough to use once you get it set up and designed for immediate access when on the go, VIP Access is a good security companion.

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