Review: Versagram creates custom quote boxes for your Instagram account

Tag instagram-ready images with quotes and custom text for quick upload.

Versagram is a combination of postcard, meme, and Instagram image creator, and the results are fun if not entirely unique. By providing a number of stock square images that can be uploaded to Instagram, along with numerous quotes and fun font options, the app works well for the limited feature set it provides, albeit with a few issues along the way.

The concept of Versagram is straightforward. Load one of the dozens of square background tiles, and then choose a font and write a quick message on the tile. There are quotes preloaded into the app, as well, which you can select for your memes. Those memes can then be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram or sent directly to someone on your list via iMessage/Text or e-mail. It's fast and easy to do all of this, but there are not nearly enough features to make it a full-featured meme or image creator. You can't load your own images, and theme packs are only available as paid upgrades, so if you enjoy using the app, you'll need to pay for it fairly quickly.

Versagram is a good idea to augment your use of Instagram, but it has a fair number of limitations that make it a short-term app at best. From the cost of theme packs to the lack of customization features and even limited sharing features beyond Instagram and Facebook, it doesn't go quite far enough to stand out from other Instagram amplifying apps.

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