Review: Sonic Dash puts the titular blue hero in a perfectly-themed endless runner

Run, dodge, and capture rings with the ultimate speed machine in this fun endless runner.

Sonic Dash marries the world's fastest hedgehog with a mobile game setup that he seems perfectly matched for. This endless runner takes everything that makes other endless runners so popular, integrates a fair number of fun Sonic tropes, and hits blend to create a fun runner that looks and feels like Sonic the Hedgehog in just about every way--a lot more so than many other recent outings.

Sonic Dash borrows a lot of ideas from other endless runners like Temple Run, but it is also relatively unique. Sonic runs across platform stages, moves by swiping the screen, but can kill enemies by rolling at them or dashing through them with the dash power up that is available every few hundred meters. You collect rings that allow you to stay alive whenever you get hit, as with the classic Sonic games; and if you get hit with zero rings you'll lose. This all works to create a very fun, very fast game that is not as punishing as games like Temple Run 2 and allows you to accumulate rewards early and often, instead of at the highest levels.

Like many iOS games, Sonic Dash is free to play with in-app purchases. This makes it more accessible, but requires that you pay for some of the better content or play many hours on the more generic levels. This is done well for the most part, as the game never feels incomplete, but it would be nice to have quicker access to some content like the other characters. Overall, however, Sonic Dash is a well-made, easy to enjoy game that will likely clock some serious hours on your phone.

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