Review: Multi Clip is a messy, convoluted app that works as advertised

Download files from the Internet to your iOS device in this messy, ad-filled browser.

Multi Clip is designed to download files from the Internet through a proprietary browser, but with a small interface, multiple overlays, advertisements, and unlabeled popups, it's messy and invasive. The interface is so disorganized that it's not immediately clear what to do or how to do it. Plus, we couldn't help feeling uneasy moving files from Web sites through a browser with so little care taken in its design.

Just about anything you tap in Multi Clip will open a new screen, overlaid with ads and pop-up buttons--often in different languages. You will eventually reach a browser where you can open Web sites and find media files that can then be downloaded to your device. The download button works as intended, but requires you to find the source of the file, and it's not always immediately clear where files are being placed. You can remove files from your device and place them on your computer, but opening them on the device is done in-app only. With so many other downloading and file-viewing apps on the iPhone, the complexity of this system is puzzling.

Multi Clip works, but with too many caveats: If you can find the site you're looking for, and get the source for the file you want and download it, you can move media from the Web to your device. But it is as disorganized a process as we have seen for an app of this nature. Combined with intrusive ads, a bare-bones interface, slow performance, and numerous pop-ups, this app is more frustrating than it is helpful.

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