Review: Mortgage Payoff Track visualizes your mortgage terms and payoffs

Keep track of your current mortgage payments with this easy-to-use graphing tool for your iPhone.

Mortgage Payoff Track makes it easy to see with the swipe of a finger how much money you owe on your mortgage, how an extra payment will affect payoff deadlines, and more. Considering how complicated mortgage math can get, this is a very useful tool and one that is handy to have on hand whenever you do your taxes, review your budget, or analyze your investment or moving options.

While your mortgage lender almost certainly sends you a detailed statement on a regular basis, it's not always complete. Digging up information like how much interest you've paid, the total value of your house in equity, and the payoff time based on changing your payment size is not always easy. Mortgage Payoff Track doesn't go much deeper than providing the charts and tables needed to visualize your mortgage, but it does this very well, showing how your mortgage payments will change over time and when the value of the home will change most over the course of its maturity.

If you have a mortgage or are considering buying a house, Mortgage Payoff Track is a useful tool. Combined with a useful collection of visualization tools, the app becomes a powerful mathematics tool for your mortgage shopping and future financial planning.

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