Review: MiniKeePass opens and manages KeePass files on your mobile device

Manage your KeePass files from your mobile device using the KeePass 1.x and 2.x pass files.

MiniKeePass is a must-have security app for your iOS device if you use the open-source KeePass system on your desktop or laptop computer. Enabling your device to open KeePass files on your iPhone through iTunes, Dropbox and other file storage solutions, MiniKeePass is a powerful tool that enables you to greatly enhance password and passcode security for all of your devices, whether accessing passwords for use on a third-party machine or using them on your mobile device.

MiniKeePass is a fairly stripped down app. There are few menus, no options to choose from, and a very basic graphic interface. That is OK, though, because in this case, the lack of general features makes it much easier to access and use the KeePass files you've loaded onto your phone. With the ability to open both 1.x and 2.x files in KeePass, you can create new databases or open old ones that have been on your computer for years. The best part here is that you can maintain your use of existing security protocols without having to make big changes to how you manage your files.

If you are concerned about security on your mobile device or frequently log in to secure accounts on third-party computers or through Wi-Fi networks, MiniKeePass is a perfect companion for your KeePass databases. It takes some technical knowledge to set up and get working properly, but for those that have a need for it, it does everything you could want and much more.

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