Review: Gmail for iPhone is a near-perfect mail app for iOS

Write, receive, and manage e-mail on your iPhone with this custom-built iOS app.

Gmail for iPhone offers a self-contained alternative to the Mail app built into every iOS device, and for those with Gmail accounts, it is a very good experience, all but eliminating connection issues and delays. While the core functionality is roughly the same between Gmail and Mail, the added features that have been part of Gmail for the better part of a decade are on full display here and they make Gmail for iPhone one of the best all-around mail apps on the App Store.

Gmail for iPhone is a self-contained app that doesn't require integration with any of the features on your iPhone. You must log-in to your Gmail account when it is first installed, but then it works seamlessly without any additional requirements. The inbox is very similar to the iOS Mail app, but with added Google features like priority inbox, marking as favorites, and a search tool for all stored messages. A pull-out menu on the left allows you to switch quickly between accounts (you can log in to multiple accounts with ease), sort files by label or folder, and move files between those folders. Sending messages is equally simple, and while file attachments are still not supported, you can draw a quick scribble as an attachment with your photos.

Gmail for iPhone is built to replicate the feeling of Gmail on the desktop as fully as possible. It has more features, works faster and with fewer connection issues, and allows you to search past messages. Gmail is a must, of course, but if you have an account, you need this app.

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