Review: PopBooth Photo Booth creates realistic photo collages

Snap and share strips of photos with a handful of natural filters.

PopBooth Photo Booth is a very attractive app, with sleek menus and feature overlays, but not enough actual features to warrant heavy use. The core function of emulating the photo booth experience works well, but after creating your images, there simply isn't enough to the app to keep you engaged. Most images are better off being exported to another app for editing, something PopBooth does not support.

When you start PopBooth Photo Booth, it will default to front-facing camera and you can tap the "Camera" button to start the process of taking a photo. It will count down from three and snap a photo, and then take three more photos at three-second intervals, like a photo booth. After taking your photos there are only six filters for changing them, and no options for editing, rotating, or removing an image. If you don't like one of the four, you're either stuck with it or you need to take another set of four. Another issue we found was that you cannot save these images to your Photo Library. You can only share with friends on Facebook or Twitter or send as e-mail, and all of this requires that you sign up for an account with your e-mail address.

The sheer number of restrictions on PopBooth Photo Booth makes an app that would be otherwise quite fun into a frustrating, feature-bare experience. For what it does, it works quite well; but in forcing you to sign up and restricting how your images look and where they can be shared, it limits its use severely.

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