Review: Photo Frames Lite from Imikimi makes frame selection easier

Frame your photos in any of dozens of options in this streamlined, but effective app.

Photo Frames LITE from Imikimi offers familiar functionality with a few unique twists that make finding the right photo frame a bit easier than it would be in a similar app. While there are still quite a few issues in the app, from the unlabeled interface to the frequent reversions that occur while editing, the overall experience is pleasant and the frames are attractive.

When you open Photo Frames LITE from Imikimi, you are shown a number of frames. Using celebrity photos, the developer shows what your images will look like when in frame. To replace them, simply choose that frame and tap the "Add Photo" button to take a new one or load from your Photo Library. This is a nice touch to show you what your finished framed images will look like. Combined with live overlay when taking photos, it's a useful interface. The app, itself, it a bit slow, unfortunately, resulting in slow load times, sluggish transitions between menus, and frames that will come into and out of focus on the selection screens. Editing is a bit faster, but still showed some hiccups when making a lot of changes.

Photo Frames LITE from Imikimi is a useful app for those that want to add custom, elaborate frames to their digital photos. While the performance issues will be frustrating for many, and the ads can be intrusive at times, the app always does as advertised and has a very large selection of frames included for free.

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