Review: PDF ReaderiPhone Edition combines the best of many reader tools

Download, scan, or transfer PDF files from any source to read on your iPhone.

PDF ReaderiPhone Edition does little more than other free reader apps for iOS, but it brings together a lot of disparate tools for a more streamlined, and ultimately very quick, reading experience. With features like Wi-Fi transfers, built-in iCloud support, and camera scanning, it enables you to move PDF documents to your phone rapidly and start viewing, editing, or working with them in real time. The result is a very effective tool that many on-the-go workers will enjoy.

When you first open PDF ReaderiPhone Edition, you can choose from a number of options, including loading documents from iCloud, scanning pages from your camera, or downloading images from a browser or direct URL. Wi-Fi transfer works in a Web browser and you can import images from your photo library to create a PDF, as well. This all culminates in a very versatile and ultimately very quick app that is relatively easy to use. With annotation features as well as Air Play support and more, PDF ReaderiPhone Edition is a fully-functional PDF reader tool that many people will get a lot of use out of. Of course, other reader apps open more kinds of documents; this is subsequently one of the biggest drawbacks for this particular app, but for PDFs alone it is a fantastic tool.

If you need an app for moving, creating, or reading PDF files on your iPhone, PDF ReaderiPhone Edition is a good place to start. With robust tools for just about everything you could need to do on your phone, it may not replace universal tools like GoodReader, but it certainly will do the job for your PDF documents.

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