Review: NeoSoar provides an alternative eBook interface for your iPhone

Download free eBooks and read them from this very familiar-looking iOS app.

NeoSoar attempts to create an alternative eBook platform on your iOS device that lacks many of the features needed to stand out on its own. While it is an effective tool in many ways, it looks a lot like iBooks but with many issues that neither iBooks nor Kindle have with their apps. The result is interesting, but uneven.

The audience for NeoSoar is likely limited to those who already have NeoSoar accounts online. The platform is designed to enable small and local bookstores to offer their own eBook platforms for users on their sites, and then funnel them into a NeoSoar-enabled app that displays those eBooks. So for those that purchase eBooks from independent bookstores, it is a must. For everyone else, it offers redundant features that are slower and often less intuitive than the ones built into the iPhone. Using the default bookshelf screen that comes with iOS 6 and loading into a fairly quick reader interface, it does work well, however. The pages shift quickly, without any animation, the text displays crisply onscreen, and links and images are rendered as they would be in iBooks.

As a comparison to iBooks or Kindle, NeoSoar doesn't quite stack up. However, as a standalone eBook reader that supports independent eBook sellers or those who want to read eBooks for free without using an Amazon or Apple account, this app works extremely well and will not prove to be distracting or frustrating for those asked to use it.

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