Review: Modern Conflict 2 is a mix of modern military and base control mechanics

Raise bases, build armies, and take on your opponents in exciting global locales.

Modern Conflict 2 combines many of the best elements of other RTS and tactical strategy games with the speed and efficiency of an iOS design to create a fun, multiplayer game that is as addictive as it is engaging. The core gameplay in Modern Conflict 2, combined with straightforward controls and numerous options to build your army, make for a game with numerous paths to victory, and a great deal of fun to be had along the way.

In Modern Conflict 2, you control an army and must defeat the opposing army by placing bases and building up units to take control of enemy bases. Each scenario is different, but often you will have one or two control points to start. Your points will build automatically and you can spend them to create units like tanks that then go to other bases to fight and take over those points. The victory condition is almost always destruction of the enemy base. The game comes with a well-constructed tutorial and a number of single-player matches you can use for practice; but the real draw here is the online multiplayer. With fast player matching, quick match times to ensure you actually finish the games, and countless options, the online system is extremely fun.

Modern Conflict 2 marries the best of PC games and iOS RTS design to create an interesting, engaging, and ultimately very fun experience that you will play compulsively, whether against the CPU or against a friend online.

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