Review: InstaSize ensures all images are fully displayed for Instagram

Adjust your photos to fit Instagram without cropping, with this bare-bones Instagram add-on.

InstaSize is an image editing tool designed to ensure each of your images is fully displayed on Instagram. It does this by adding a colored background behind your image, creating stitched images, or adjusting images through clever, self-managed cropping. The results are more complete than the auto-cropped images you'll take in Instagram, but the lack of additional editing features limits the app in many ways.

To start, you must select an image for use in the app. Either take an image with the camera app or choose one from your Photo Library. From there, you can add a different background color, drop it into a stitched interface, or add other images to the layout. There are not, however, other editing options to resize or crop the image beyond those basics, and the backgrounds are fairly basic. The app, itself, looks good but is too stripped down for what it offers. Combined with some unnecessarily long delays when loading the share menu and ads that bog down overall performance, the app suffers on many accounts.

InstaSize offers an important tool that Instagram has not yet integrated. However, the lack of other editing features, limited sharing options, and ads that can be restrictive and intrusive, there are many issues here that will keep you from properly enjoying and getting results from this app. For this reason, there are other apps that will do a better job that we would recommend over this one.

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