Review: iHandy Level Free is an effective level tool

Check the level of your picture frames and furniture with your iPhone.

iHandy Level is a level app for your iPhone that accurately checks how flat the surfaces are in your home with consistently good results. The app is easy to install, easy to use, and while lacking other features, is a perfect fit for any level-checking needs you might have.

Installation of iHandy Level is near instant and requires no additional setup. Just install, open, and start checking the level of your furniture, picture frames, and shelves. The app is a practice in skeuomorphism, using a digital onscreen level to accurately display the readings being taken from the sensors in your phone. It's actually easy to forget that the phone, itself, is not a level but has a gyroscope inside that can sense the movements you make. It all works quite well and when tested against a traditional level, we found it consistently accurate within one degree. That kind of accuracy is more than enough for the vast majority of your household projects.

If you need a level, don't have one lying around your house, and have an iPhone, then download the iHandy Level for free. There are only a small number of ads and the app runs smoothly and without issue, accurately displaying your level readings onscreen. It's also one of many other similar apps that can be downloaded in the same interface from iHandy.

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