Review: Holy Bible is a powerful study tool with numerous features

Quickly read, cross-reference, research, and take notes in the Bible.

Holy Bible is a very well-made app, combining the best research and reference tools currently available on the App Store with the world's most researched text for a very appealing experience. Built to be intuitive and easy to use, and filled with shortcuts to access, reference, and read or write about passages, this app is a perfect companion for anyone interested in researching and generally learning more from the Bible.

The core of the Holy Bible app is built around accessing and cross-referencing passages. When you open it, it will show Genesis 1:1 but will provide onscreen directions to switch to another book and passage, a task which is very easy to do thanks to a built-in browser that works seamlessly. If you don't know what passage you're looking for, swiping will bring you through a list of available passages quickly, as well. Along with other functions like daily reading schedules, tagging, a history to see which passages you've viewed recently, and highlighting and translation checking tools, this is a very deep app.

Beyond the core tools, you can purchase study packs that include additional tools such as cross-references in other passages, commentary by leading biblical scholars, and dictionaries and maps. In short, this is everything the developers could think of to include in one of the most complete, easiest-to-use, and best overall Bible reading experiences available for your iOS device. If you are looking for a free Bible app, this is the best one to download by far.

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