Review: Handy Timetable visualizes your course schedule

Create a course schedule and add it to a timetable without calendar support.

Handy Timetable is designed to create a visual display of your weekly class schedule, but with some confusing menus and a few features missing, it doesn't quite hit the mark. Where other apps offer robust additional features that you may not need when creating a timetable, Handy Timetable goes the opposite route, limiting what you can do and keeping the timetable separate from other features like your calendar. The result is easier to use but ultimately quite basic.

When you first open Handy Timetable you can start adding courses, including the name of the course, teacher name, room number, and a color code of your choice for use on the grid. Those courses can then be dragged to the grid that appears onscreen to show when you have those classes. This all works quite well and the menus are clearly labeled, but there are some things missing. To start, there is no way to add times to the timetable, meaning you have an ordered list but no time frames. You also cannot integrate with your calendar, though there is a sharing menu that will save to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or your photo album.

Handy Timetable is a useful app in many ways, but it lacks the depth and features needed to make it a universal app for those in high school and college alike. For those with static class schedules that don't change from week to week, it will get the job done and not be too complicated or overwrought like some other timetable apps, but for more advanced time keeping, a calendar app is probably still your best bet.

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