Review: Go Daddy Domain and Email Manager is a great iOS portal

Access your domains, make changes, or check your e-mail on the go with this mobile app.

GoDaddy's Domain and Email Manager app allows you to take all of your domain names and e-mail accounts from GoDaddy on the go with you for instant access anywhere, and the result is generally very convenient. While GoDaddy's Web interface is notoriously convoluted, they have done a great job of condensing menu options and access to the most important components of your account into a mobile app that is at once easy to use and very useful.

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars on the Internet and some users have dozens or even hundreds of domain names held with them. The mobile app loads quickly and easily no matter how big your account is, allowing you to see expiration dates for domains, order new domains, check the e-mail associated with those domains, and even change some technical settings from the app. Other features such as DNS management, domain forwarding, WHOIS lookup, and hosting purchasing are also included, bringing almost every component of GoDaddy's online experience to your phone. There are issues, however. App updates are frequent and usually require you to update many of your settings, while notifications are spotty at best. E-mail in particular can be a big issue with this app, with frequent bugs and updates that slow down the service.

For the majority of what it offers, GoDaddy works quite well. By integrating almost every core function of the back end, this app helps you manage your account on the go quite well, but there are issues with performance that can be frustrating. If you have domains registered with GoDaddy, however, it is well worth downloading this app.

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