Review: FlipMemo offers easy-to-use note-taking features

Create and slide notes in this well-designed iOS productivity app.

FlipMemo is a fairly stripped down app, but the smart design and clever interface make it unique in a number of ways. Easy to use, fast to set up, and designed for frequent mobile use, it is a smart app that will evolve with you as you start creating and organizing your notes.

FlipMemo is a note-taking app, but instead of creating a long list of notes, it creates a new card for each note you create. The master list will always appear when you open the app, so you can tap the title or you can slide the cards along to find the note list you need. From there you can edit the notes, delete the card, or change which order they appear in. You can also share any one note card via e-mail if you want to get it off your device. There are few settings in the app, but the core functionality is all very well crafted, meaning you can use it out of the box with little setup and few distractions.

If you want a note-taking app that doesn't have numerous features you'll never use and doesn't overload you with tagging and categorization options, but isn't too basic and stripped down, FlipMemo Free is a good app to start with. Supported by ads that are never intrusive and don't affect the efficiency of the app, FlipMemo Free is a smartly-designed, easy-to-use, and ultimately very effective note-taking app.

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