Review: Fastlane Street Racing Lite is a shallow imitation of street racing iOS apps

Race against subpar AI in sterile street races.

Despite being a stripped-down, dated-looking app, Fastlane Street Racing Lite, is still relatively fun to play, a testament to the basic tenets of gameplay built-into the design. The issues in design and navigation, however, make it more frustrating than is strictly necessary to play and enjoy those levels.

Fastlane Street Racing Lite allows you to choose from a number of fictional super cars, which you can then race on street courses against other similar cars. The brake and gas pedal are onscreen and the turning is done with tilt controls, so it is similar to many other arcade racers currently on the App Store. The result is fairly smooth controls, though the brake pedal is rarely needed and the AI is exceptionally easy to beat, at least early on. The game looks and feels dated, as well, with basic textures that feel like they belong on a console from the early 2000s, not an iPhone or iPad, a decade later. The game plays smoothly, but with few rewards, no obstacles or power ups, and a bare-bones menu system that is hard to navigate at times, the experience isn't rewarding enough to keep you playing.

Fastlane Street Racing Lite feels likes the first playable version of a game that could be quite good. It needs work--from the menu system to the rewards you receive for racing and winning. Despite all of that, it is relatively fun to play and could certainly become a mainstay on the App Store with a little work.

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