Review: Drawp provides a fun, colorful canvas for children to draw on the iPad

Take photos, record audio, draw, and share with family members in this child-friendly drawing app.

Drawp does what many child-focused drawing apps fail to do--provides an interface that is both colorful and engaging but not too cluttered to make the drawing process difficult. With an easy-to-change palate onscreen, numerous options that are easy to experiment with and use, and sharing tools to send images to friends, Drawp is designed with children in mind.

The first time you open Drawp, you can create a user account that will automatically send any drawings your children create on the device to your e-mail so you can see what they are working on. Combined with device-locked sharing tools (e-mail, in-app, etc.), Drawp understands the need for privacy and respects it for children. All menus open quickly and are clearly labeled; and it is easy to save, move, and reset canvases with relative ease so your child can create a new image whenever they want. Another nice touch is the inclusion of coloring canvases, turning an otherwise robust drawing app into a coloring book, as well.

When you combine the smart sharing tools, log-in option, and numerous drawing tools that are included, along with upgrades that don't berate you with ads at every step, Drawp is a children's app through and through--easy to set up and fun to use. If your child enjoys drawing on the iPad, this is a great app to pick up, whether for coloring or freehand drawings.

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