Review: Doodely Moore turns your camera screen into a canvas

Actively draw on your camera interface to create real-time images.

Doodley Moore closes the gap between drawing on photos you've already taken and filtering photos as they're being taken to allow you more control in real-time edits. By allowing you to actively draw onscreen while the camera reticule is open, you can alter your images in real time. While the options are limited for doing so, the ones here work quite well and the resulting images are a lot of fun to share.

After installing Doodley Moore you'll get a quick but thorough tutorial for how it works. From there you can start snapping photos or drawing on them as you watch. The camera app is open at all times in this app, and you can choose to draw on it with a brush, erase, or change the brightness with the slider menu. The actual editing options are limited, but they each work smoothly and without any performance issues--making it a fun and, more importantly, an effective app. Snapping photos is harder than necessary, requiring you to go to a second menu, but once taken, you can share with the tap of a button or store on your device for later.

Doodley Moore could certainly use a few more filters and editing options, but considering the freedom it gives you with the brush, it does quite well on its own. This may not be the most feature-rich image editing app currently on the App Store, but it is one of the more interesting takes on the image editing process we've yet seen.

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