Review: DoodleToo Lite presents a fun, live drawing platform idea

Draw live with other users in this online-connected iPad app.

DoodleToo Lite is designed to connect users in a single chat-style interface to draw with each other on one canvas. The idea is brilliant, but the execution doesn't fully realize the concept at work, resulting in often frustrating combat over canvas space, limited chat options, frequent disconnections, and other issues that hinder what you can actually do here.

After installing DoodleToo Lite, you can load the app and start drawing immediately in the guest lobby where there are almost always at least five or six other users drawing something. Since these are just random users, you can expect the vast majority of what you see to be scribbles, dirty pictures, and declarations of love--not exactly an engaging environment. There are three other open lobbies you can use, as well, however, including white lite, endless lite, and photo lite--all offering a different background for drawing. You can also invite friends and create private rooms where you can chat together--this being the preferred method of using the app. Of course the actual drawing functions are fairly limited, as well, offering only a single pencil option, a handful of colors, and a very limited-use spray paint option.

In the end, DoodleToo Lite is a good idea that never quite works as intended. Whether due to trial restrictions that limit the number of rooms and the color/drawing options you have, or simply because of the lack of oversight and restrictions on who is in any one room, the app is often more frustrating than anything else.

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