Review: Documents Free is a fast, easy-to-use mobile office tool

Create, share, and edit documents and spreadsheets on the go, with ease.

Documents Free bridges a major gap for many iOS users, allowing you to create and open documents and spreadsheets quickly on your mobile device. With cloud integration, Wi-Fi transfers, and a universal app that will open your files on any device, you can easily work on the fly without having to transfer files into and out of numerous formats over and over again.

One of the smartest things the developers of Documents Free did was to strip it down to basic parts without removing every function. Apps like the iWork Suite take away too many options, while Office imitators have too many, making it hard to get work done productively. Documents Free provides every option you'll need, but doesn't clutter the screen with them. The result is an app that loads, edits, and saves very quickly. This is due in part to the proprietary document format being used, which can be saved and shared remotely, or can be converted into a more standard format for your PC or Mac. In either case, actually creating and editing documents on your phone or iPad is very quick and easy.

While not the most robust nor the most attractive Office suite for the iOS platform, Documents Free manages to fully understand what users need from a mobile solution and present it in a pared-down, easy-to-use package. The result is a very well made app that will work perfectly for most on-the-go professionals, whether drafting a letter or prepping a basic spreadsheet.

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