Review: DataMan Next provides important statistics on data use for iOS

Solving a common problem for most iPhone and iPad users, this app is a powerful tool.

DataMan Next resolves an issue that almost all iOS device owners have--tracking data use over time. Because carrier log-ins take time and are not always accurate, it is hard to know in real time exactly how much data you have used and how much you still have left for the month. With this app, you can easily see where you are in your usage cycle and taper your use to stay under that limit.

Installation of DataMan Next is designed to ensure your forecasts are as accurate as possible. The app will ask you when your billing cycle ends, how long it is, how much your cap is and what you have used to date. This information allows it to show you in real time how much data you have left on your cap as it actively measures usage. The app doesn't use much battery power, though it will run in the background constantly to ensure accurate data. At any given time, you can open the app, however, see how much data you have used, and get a forecast for how close you are to your cap.

With modern data cap limits, especially if you travel a lot or use your device to stream large files, it's important that you have an app like DataMan Next to show you how close you are to your limit on any given day. Use the tools in this app wisely and you'll always know how close you are to going over your limit so you can adjust accordingly.

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