Review: Cut the Rope HD is a clever, intuitive, and extremely fun puzzler

Carefully maneuver the candy to your cuddly monster to reach the next level.

Cut the Rope HD is one of the best games on the App Store for good reason--it provides a unique, constantly evolving style of gameplay that builds on familiar iOS tropes while remaining wholly original. The core concept may be elementary, but when elaborated on and built out to the level of a full game with hundreds of levels, it's truly astounding what you can do.

The basic concept of Cut the Rope is straightforward: In each level, a piece of candy is hanging from three strands of rope. You must cut them in the right order to drop the candy around certain obstacles and into the mouth of a hungry monster. At the same time, there are three stars on each level that you can attempt to snag to improve your score. The result is a game that is both immediately accessible for all ages, but immensely hard when played to its fullest difficulty levels.

Cut the Rope HD works on many levels, from the whimsical main character, Nom, to the clean menu interface and basic one-screen levels that present just enough challenge to keep even hardcore gamers engaged for hours. It's not a short game, nor is it an easy one, but you'll find yourself glued to the screen for hours trying to get just a few more stars and keep that monster full.

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