Review: Papelook is an effective photo editor, but lacks an extensive feature set

Snap, edit, and share photos with a number of options, though never quite as many as some other games.

Papelook is designed to create collage-style images and actual collages with background wallpapers, snipping tools, stickers, and more, but rarely provides more than a very basic retinue of tools. The result is an app that is at times interesting to use, but will not replace other similar photo editing tools that are loaded with dozens more options. This doesn't make Papelook a bad app so much as one that fails to stand on its own two legs.

After installing Papelook, you can choose to create a new photo or a new album. The former option allows you to snap or load a photo, choose a background, text, and stickers for it, and then share to your friends or social networks along with a message. The messaging is a nice touch, but otherwise there is nothing new here. Albums combine your images into a single album and allow you to create collages or share them in groups with people. The app doesn't, however, provide any additional options or features that would make it stand out.

Papelook works well for what it provides. It is quick, responsive, and the menus are easy to navigate. It is, however, a very basic set of tools that never rises above the sum of its parts--something that will keep many users from engaging with it at a higher level. With more tools, it could be a very useful app for many people.

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