Review: Crazy Cartoon Jungle Animals Adventure is a clever idea

Swipe and jump your way through railed jungle levels to find the bongos.

Crazy Cartoon Jungle Animals Adventure tries to create a stripped-down, bare-bones game that in many ways doesn't quite work, most of all because of its lack of gameplay polish. The game is clunky, the animations blocky, and the design stripped down to such a level that it's never quite clear what you are doing or why you are doing it. The resulting game is entertaining in bursts, but doesn't have the staying power of other iOS games.

After starting the app, you can immediately start the tutorial, which works well to introduce the core concepts of the game, but never quite alleviates the crowded feeling of the interface and onscreen menus. The main menu is equally crammed with information and because of the stripped-down art style it's not always clear what or how to navigate those menus. At the same time, the game, itself, is similar to those like Temple Run or Sonic Dash. Attached to a bird, however, you are sliding from side to side and using swipe gestures and not the tilt of the device. The result is a four slot positioning system that feels dated and not always responsive enough to avoid obstacles.

Crazy Cartoon Jungle Animals Adventure is not a bad game, but is nearly as messy and unpolished as its name. There are plenty of games on the App Store in this genre that not only look better, but are also more streamlined and easier to navigate than this one.

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