Review: Blue Note by Groovebug provides access to a huge library of Jazz music

Access hundreds of hours of Jazz from the Blue Note Collection.

Blue Note by Groovebug is a Jazz Music lover's dream, combining hundreds of hours of music from the world's best Jazz musicians into a single streaming app. Instead of having to sift through other curation and discovery apps to find the tracks you like, this app streamlines everything Jazz into one massive database. The app, itself, runs smoothly as well, streaming flawlessly on Wi-Fi and offering a number of tools to save and access music later.

Setup of Blue Note by Groovebug is quick and easy, though you'll note that no songs play for more than a few seconds until you subscribe via in-app purchase. This doesn't lengthen the install process, but it isn't stated outright until you go to listen to tracks. After installation, you can start sorting through lists of the most popular tracks, specific albums, or artists. Ranging from Thelonius Monk to modern masters like Jose James, there are thousands to choose from here. Each track can be added to a playlist, saved for later, or shared with other users, and all albums will link to artist bios with album lists, videos, a bio, and news about that artist. This is truly a treasure trove for Jazz lovers.

If you like Jazz music and want to listen to it on your iPhone or iPad, you need Blue Note by Groovebug. It's that good of an app. The monthly fee is small compared to other music curation apps and you get unlimited music delivered to your device whenever you want--it's a great investment.

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