Review: Baby Scratch is iOS Deejaying on a diet

Scratch your way through stock music and loops, in this fun, but shallow iOS app.

Baby Scratch has a very accurate name, because the app gives a good DJ experience, but is relatively introductory on a number of levels. With a limited number of options, both onscreen and in terms of what you can load and record, it is entertaining, but certainly won't work as a digital playground for mixing up new tracks or beats.

Baby Scratch doesn't include a tutorial or Help file to get you started, but it does dive directly into the action, allowing you to almost immediately start scratching with a track loaded automatically from the app's library. This is a great feature because it gets you into the action right away and doesn't load up a number of cumbersome menus to get in your way. On the other hand, there are only so many tracks and loops you can switch to, and the controls, themselves, are extremely limited. The trade-off here results in an app that is fun to play with, but never rises above the status of toy--even with the paid tracks you can download and use to expand the experience.

Baby Scratch is a great app that those with a love for music will enjoy. It is well crafted, easy to use, and enjoyable to play with, but it never quite rises above the status of being a neat toy for your phone. The result is an app that will entertain for a short while, but almost certainly won't become the sort of long-lasting tool for mixing that many DJs would be interested in.

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