Review: Secure your passwords in your own Password Bank Vault

Protect, edit, and access your passwords with this spreadsheet-inspired password manager.

Password Bank Vault is a free tool that stores your passwords securely with 128-bit encryption. You can store, enter, change, edit, and manage all your passwords in Password Bank Vault, yet access it all with one easy-to-remember Master Password. Password Bank Vault also generates passwords, imports and exports lists in CSV format, and backs up and restores saved data.

Password Bank Vault opened with a log-on screen resembling a bank vault's combination dial. There's a space to enter a Master Password, or you can start with the provided default password and then create a Master Password. The customizable user interface is based around a spreadsheet-style list view and ribbon toolbar that would look at home (or at work) in a variety of environments and also makes for smooth, widely-compatible importing and exporting of saved data. Each tabbed sheet is configured for a specific type of password: Web Log-ins, E-mail or FTP Accounts, Bank Accounts and PINs, and so on; plus it's as easy as setting up a spreadsheet workbook to create a custom tab (easier, actually). Entering data is easy, too: Click New and follow the wizard. Extras include audible alerts, the Lock Screen tool, and the Password Generator. An impressive manual explains each step in clear language.

The same thing that enables weak passwords also keeps you from trying a password manager: It takes effort. Make one, and try Password Bank Vault: It keeps you safe from being sorry.

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