Review: Log keystrokes and all PC activity with stealthy iSafe Free Keylogger

Monitor user activity in stealth with this powerful, free keylogger.

If you pay the Internet bill, you should take a look at iSafe Free Keylogger. This free tool stealthily records all keystrokes, mouse clicks, items saved, Internet activity, e-mail sent and received, Webcams, FTPs, and microphones: In short, just about all activity on a monitored PC. It even takes screenshots so you can see what users saw and when they saw it. Yes, it's extremely intrusive; and, yes, users don't know they're being monitored and recorded unless you tell them. That's the point: If you're a business owner or an administrator who provides Internet access to others, you're potentially responsible (and even liable) for what others do on your computer or network, and that goes double for parents. That's how iSafe Free Keylogger can help. Recent improvements include Windows 8 compatibility and changes to password administration.

When we installed iSafe Free Keylogger, a user manual for related shareware opened, but it did a good job of explaining the freeware's features, too. Clicking the program's system tray icon revealed two selections: Setting, which we selected; and Hide icon permanently, which lets the administrator (that's you) hide the tray icon from tracked users. We entered the default password (it's provided) to open the program's main interface, which not only accesses the Settings but also the Log and Hide features. Naturally, the first step is to change the simple default Admin password to something stronger, and we also set our Stealth Mode choices and kept the default Hide/Unhide hot key combo. The program explains each feature and setting in considerable detail right there in the interface, so the "Help file" is always open to the right page, more or less. Since iSafe Free Keylogger is definitely a "set-and-forget" tool, it's very easy to use: Set it up, engage stealth, and then open and view the efficiently categorized Logs to see what the mice did while the cat was away.

If you need to know what's going on with your computer as it accesses the Internet, iSafe Free Keylogger is a comprehensive tool that's easy to set up.

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