Review: Protect your pictures with Image Encrypt Batch Tools' strong encryption

Encrypt your images with this easy-to-use security freeware.

With both 64-bit and 256-bit encryption options and passwords that accept almost any character, Image Encrypt Batch Tools has the power to secure your images so they can't be viewed without your password. Even if snoops get their hands on your pics, they can't open them. As SwMost's documentation points out, no encryption key is completely unbreakable. But Image Encrypt Batch Tools' 256-bit encryption option will take some effort to break.

Image Encrypt Batch Tools opens with a small interface, half of which is taken up with an attractive coastal scene. We had two choices to make and three duties to perform. First, we chose whether or not to add an "E" suffix to image files, making .JPG into .JPGE; also whether to use fast Standard 64-bit encryption or a slower but more secure 256-bit High Level key. Next, we browsed to a folder, created a password, and pressed "Encrypt." Image Encrypt Batch Tools encrypted our selected images practically instantaneously. Encrypted images look like regular files, but they won't display; you must open them with Image Encrypt Batch Tools. But once you've entered your password, you can open encrypted images, normally. That's where the "batch" comes into its own: Image Encrypt Batch Tools doesn't make it hard for you to view your own images; it just makes it practically impossible for anyone else to see them.

Make copies of your images before applying Image Encrypt Batch Tools to guard against failure and experiment with sample files before turning Image Encrypt Batch Tools on your own files. Don't forget your password, either, since Support can't promise to recover it for you, although they'll make a no-guarantees effort to help you try. That's going "above and beyond," and a strong recommendation for the software.

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