Review: Vaulty hides videos and photos, but isn't good at hiding itself

Hide sensitive photos and videos out of plain sight with Vaulty.

Vaulty offers a safe, good-looking place to hide videos and images, but it should hide more file types and, maybe more importantly, hide itself better. Luckily, it has a discreet enough name that others may look passed if they see it.

The app lets you set a pin code or password to protect your files. Before you get to the app, you need to set a security question, but you can make the question and answer anything you want. Unlike other vault apps, this one features an intuitive menu and works quickly. Vaulty supports photos and videos of multiple formats. You can even take photos and videos right from the app. However, it won't hide your call history, text, or apps like other vault apps do. It won't hide in your apps menu, either. That means anyone who knows what the app does knows you're hiding something. You can pay $5 to unlock that feature, but many other apps offer it for free because it's so important.

If you don't care if others know you're hiding something, Vaulty is an OK way to hide it. However, you might want to try some of the other vault apps on Android before you marry yourself to this one.

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