Review: MP3 Cutter delivers on its promise, but it's a little buggy and ad heavy

Clip sections of any MP3 file to create short audio files, notifications, and ringtones using MP3 Cutter.

MP3 Cutter offers quick and painless MP3 editing, but it includes too many ads to go along with it. The app, itself, is also on the buggy side, but it can help you if you're really in a jam and need to quickly cut some audio.

This app comes packaged with the dreaded Airpush ad suite. This means it will take over your browser and other parts of your phone with nasty ads. Even more annoying, it reminds you of the Airpush agreement every time you advance a screen. Once you've navigated passed all of those, MP3 Cutter gives you exactly what you want in terms of audio editing. It lets you choose a section of any file and turn it into its own file. The fake equalizers in the app are an odd design choice, and they don't help the app's already struggling layout. Once you've finished making your file, the app closes automatically. It doesn't let you change where it saves your file or indicate where the file went. It suffices to save the files in the obvious place most of the time, though.

Even though fully functional, this application is packed with ads and has a very unattractive layout. While suitable for users who want to do some quick editing of audio files to create ringtones, MP3 Cutter isn't the best choice for users who want to do some serious audio editing.

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