Review: Funny ringtones includes lots of tones, but the laughs are hit or miss

Browse dozens of new ringtones for your smartphone and find the funniest ones.

Funny ringtones includes dozens of ringtones for you to explore, but you might not find any of them amusing. Most of them use base humor and some are just generic tones and music sound-a-likes. Still, if you want to browse tons of ringtones at once, this is a decent way to do it.

There's no other way to say it--this app offers a downright dreadful layout. It's a pain to use, looks like it was designed for 2010-era Android, and features badly placed ads and menu buttons. Even worse, the app's ringtones sometimes don't even play no matter how many times you try to make them. Luckily, it includes more than 60 options and most of them work. However, most of them aren't trying to be funny the way Funny ringtones' name implies. A lot of them are just recognizable sounds or melodies from pop favorites. Whether or not the ones that are trying to make you laugh will succeed depends on your level of humor. It doesn't hurt to have a generous definition of what comedy is, though.

All jokes aside, the app gives you ringtones and lots of them. While some Android users might not be impressed by the selection, it's definitely a matter of personal taste. Give this app a try if you don't mind combing through an unattractive layout to get to the ringtones.

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