Review: fotodanz creates animated photos with ease, but takes a little practice

Animate your smartphone photos into fun GIFs with this nifty application.

fotodanz provides a great tutorial and decent performance and is best suited for those new to making animated photos. It'd be awesome if its filters didn't require you to upgrade to the premium version, though. Even without those, it's a nifty app and worth trying if you love making GIFs.

The app will ask that you register with an e-mail address, but it's not required. Once you open the fotodanz, it gives you a full tutorial on what exactly it does and the best ways to use it. The gist is that you can create a three- to five-second recording and then choose how to animate it. This means you can make certain parts of the photo GIF-like while the rest of the photo stays static. It looks cool on some photos, but it takes some trial and error to perfect, even with the app's tutorials. Once you've finished creating your masterpiece, you can add Instagram-esque filters to it, but you have to pay for almost all of those. The app supports its own gallery where you can share pictures to Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other usual suspects.

The app offers some weird design choices, but it's a good app, nonetheless. If nothing else, there aren't many other ways to do what fotodanz does. It's worth trying just to test the unique images the app creates. If you figure it out, you're sure to be hooked on the cool effect, which will make you want to keep this application around.

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