Review: Daroon Player supports and plays many video formats

Enjoy your favorite movies and live streams on the go with Daroon Player.

As a universal media player, Daroon Player supports all popular video formats and produces a high quality playback. It features support for streaming video protocols and subtitle selection. Multiple audio and subtitle tracks can also be selected for regional compatibility.

Daroon Player installs very quickly and setup is completely automatic. All media files are recognized immediately by the application, and are visible within the file browser. The user interface offers a basic list layout with icons that represent file folders and file types. If you prefer, you may adjust the settings to show a thumbnail image instead of an icon, but this process takes an unusually long time. The file list can be adjusted to show all media files, video only, or audio only, with one touch. While the user interface is well designed and intuitive, the playback function can be quite frustrating. The control bar menu at the bottom of the screen is glitchy at times. If the user presses the fast forward button the video will simply skip forward a few frames. This function does not allow the user to scan a scene for a specific frame or moment in the video. During testing, the menu also disappeared a couple times when we tried to activate one of its features and we had to tap the screen again to view it. Another downside of this player is its compatibility. It claims to have universal compatibility but audio on MP4s and some DVD files are either non-functional or choppy. Video is also digitized in some files that play fine on other players. Whether this may just be a decoding problem, or a problem with the application, itself, is unknown.

Daroon Player is, overall, a decent application, but the competition is tough. Even though the player managed to play most files during testing, there were some files it couldn't play that rival players handled with ease. It may be worth a test run to see if Daroon Player works well for you, but keep in mind that this is a crowded field and there are lots of options.

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