Review: Calendar Pad lets you organize your schedule without any problems

Plan your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and enter new events using Calendar Pad.

While rather basic, Calendar Pad allows the user to organize their daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. While it looks similar to the Google application, it is not as smooth or stable. It does a good job at providing a basic platform for scheduling. Unfortunately, it does not provide any benefit over the stock Android calendar.

Since it's less than 1MB in size, this app installs instantly. It also loads immediately and we were pleasantly surprised with its compatibility with the stock Android calendar. All events that have been previously entered in the stock calendar transferred over to Calendar Pad. The user interface is similar to most other calendar applications, though. The monthly view looks like a basic grid, and can be scrolled up or down to the next month. A weekly or daily view is also available and it functions exactly like the monthly view. New events can be entered by simply tapping the desired date. Recurring events can also be entered, but single events cannot be deleted from series. The main drawback to this app is its stability. Scrolling is very choppy and complex procedures can cause the application to crash.

Users who are currently using Android 4.0 or newer should skip this application. The stock calendar application is far more usable and pleasing to the eyes. Calendar Pad should only be considered by those who do not have the option to install the newest Google Calendar.

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