Review: Beat Maker easily creates beat tracks on your mobile device

Create fun beat tracks on your smartphone or tablet using Beat Maker.

Beat Maker enables users to create a detailed beat track and edit several different aspects of a beat pattern and save it for future listening. This app allows even the musically challenged to make a beat that is pleasant and original.

Beat Maker downloads as a small and stable application. It is less than 2MB and doesn't consume too many resources while running. The user interface offers a clean, modern design. It is divided into sections that allow the user to concentrate on one aspect of the beat at a time. The main screen is a large graph that shows the different instruments and the scale. This screen allows the user to experiment with different patterns and listen to them in real time. The functions are so intuitive that even beginners should have no problem starting the program and creating a beat within minutes of downloading. Musicians will find Beat Maker particularly useful for practicing their instruments. It can function as a metronome with attitude. With an audio adapter users could even play the beat track over a speaker system. Unfortunately, the sound is saved in a format that is not useable outside the application.

Beat Maker could be a fun application for both the musically-challenged and the musician. It produces high-quality beat tracks in a very short amount of time and lets the user enjoy their creations. The only downside to this app is that it doesn't save the audio in an MP3 format.

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