Review: Change hastily taken pictures into masterpieces with Aviary Photo Editor

Adjust image characteristics on your mobile device with Aviary Photo Editor.

As one of the most complete photo enhancement applications available, Aviary Photo Editor provides hundreds of adjustable settings and special effects that will impress even the most discerning eye. Users have the option to change their photos with dramatic effects or simply adjust the lighting or focus.

Aviary Photo Editor installs quickly and sets up without unnecessary registration. The clean interface immediately greets the user with an intuitive home screen. At the home screen, users must first choose a photo from the device's memory or capture a new photo. If the user chooses to take a new picture, the application immediately triggers the stock camera application. This is a great function because the stock camera application works quite well on most devices, and third-party camera applications tend to function poorly. Once an image is selected for editing, a scrolling menu appears at the bottom, with the image centered in the middle of the screen. Aviary Photo Editor gives the user every option that they could want for photo editing. Basic settings such as orientation, focus, brightness, saturation, and warmth can be adjusted. Red eye reduction, teeth whitening, and blemish erasing are also available to perfect portraits. Images can even be changed into a meme. Most photo editing applications include some of these features but few include them all in such a streamlined, attractive package.

Anyone who likes good photos should download Aviary Photo Editor. It includes everything one could want, without the hassle of unnecessary advertisements or reduction of image resolution. It is stable, smooth, and functions perfectly.

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