Review: The Voice: On Stage brings the karaoke stylings of "The Voice" to iOS

Compete and test your verbal prowess with this fun, but ultimately limiting app.

It's easy to think that The Voice: On Stage is nothing more than a quick cash in on the "The Voice" brand, and while it certainly has its fair share of issues, there is a solid app under all the gloss, here. Unsurprisingly, The Voice: On Stage is a karaoke app, operating very much the same as other popular iOS karaoke apps, from the interface to the track downloads, to the cost of those tracks.

Installation of The Voice: On Stage is time consuming. Because none of the tracks are included with the app when it is first installed to save on bandwidth, you'll need to download just about everything after the fact, including the tutorial. Installation, setup, and finally getting the tracks running were all rather slow with multiple load times between tracks. Once they are loaded, however, it gets much faster. The app, itself, performs well with standard karaoke fare. You'll want to wear headphones for the best results, but it is comparable to many popular console karaoke video games. It will even analyze your performance and provide feedback on where you can improve.

The Voice: On Stage is a decent app, but that is largely because it takes no risks and mostly emulates the same functions, layout, and style of other karaoke apps. The cost of songs can be off-putting, as well. You can earn more coins by watching video ads, or you can pay a monthly subscription cost to access all songs. Combined with in-game ads, there are a lot of attempts here to get your money. That aside, if you enjoy "The Voice," enjoy karaoke, and own an iPhone, this is an app worth downloading.

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