Review: Swipea Tangram Puzzles for Kids Games & Sports is a versatile puzzler

Craft numerous tangram puzzles based on a popular children's theme.

Swipea Tangram Puzzles for Kids Games & Sports is one of this publisher's many apps with the same functions and slightly different puzzles, which is okay because the underlying experience is still fun. While there are certainly issues with controls and the response of the app to certain inputs, the overall experience provided by Swipea's Tangram apps is very good, and for children who enjoy puzzles or Tangram in particular, it is quite enjoyable.

Installation is easy and setup only takes a moment. One of the major issues you'll find with all of Swipea's apps is that they rely too heavily on images and no words to direct you through the interface. This will only be an issue for a short time as you learn the controls, but it can be frustrating at first, especially with the abstract look of most menu buttons. The game, itself, works well with the exception of some of the turning mechanics, which can be sticky on the phone, especially. In most cases, the iPad version performed better for us. In the free version of the app you get access to only four puzzles, with eight more available after a $0.99 upgrade fee.

This is actually one of the biggest drawbacks of the Swipea apps. Because they have separated all of their puzzles into categories, you can theoretically spend $10 or more to access all of them. However, if your child gets bored fast or simply doesn't enjoy Tangram very much, the low entry cost and range of options will be very welcome, and the apps are well made, so the issues are minimal.

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