Review: Swipea Tangram Puzzles for Kids Dogs adds canine fun to classic tangram

Create tangram puzzles from pictures of popular dog breeds.

Swipea Tangram Puzzles for Kids Dogs combines the same popular formula that Swipea has become known for with images of dogs to create yet another flawed but ultimately fun experience for your iOS device. While there are certainly some issues with the controls and a pricing model that can be very frustrating, Swipea's Tangram puzzle apps are engaging for young and older minds, alike.

Swipea's Tangram Puzzles are well crafted. In fact, everything in this app is crafted with tangram pieces, to the point that it can be rather frustrating, trying to navigate the menus. Once past this, there are also some issues with the controls, which are cumbersome and not always responsive on the iPhone's smaller screen. While it does play better on the iPad, there are still issues that you'll need to work around, largely due to interface design and not performance, but frustrating all the same. The game, itself, however, is well made, the puzzles are fun, and the overall theme of the app is well implemented.

If you enjoy Tangram puzzles or want to expose your child to them, Swipea's free apps are a great place to start. The trial restrictions are strict with only four puzzles available at any given time, but there are more than a dozen apps to choose from and they each have four free puzzles. The $0.99 upgrade fee can add up if you have multiple Swipea apps, but kids and others should have fun with the free versions for a while.

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