Review: Sleepy Sounds offers numerous bedtime soundtracks

Play background sounds, lullabies, and more with this cute and effective iOS app.

Sleepy Sounds only does one thing--playing bedtime sounds on a timer--but it does it very well, providing a useful app for adults, children, and babies, alike. Including a number of options that will loop endlessly depending on how long you set the timer, Sleepy Sounds can serve many purposes, depending on who needs help sleeping--making this a versatile and easy-to-use app.

When you open Sleepy Sounds, you can start using it immediately with no log-in required. There is a quick start button, as well, that will play your last selection (including the timer you set), automatically--perfect if you use this often to help your child go to sleep. Lullabies, white noise, nature sounds, and your own music from the Music app are all available options, and for any one sound you can choose to set a timer or leave it on indefinitely. In the case of lullabies you're sure to notice the loop, but the rest will play endlessly if left alone. The app then shuts itself down when the timer runs out to ensure your battery isn't dead in the morning.

Sleepy Sounds isn't designed to do a lot, but it does the few things it does very well. If you have a fussy baby, a child who cannot quite sleep in the quiet, or you are on vacation and need a reminder of home to help you get to sleep, then this is a great app.

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