Review: ShuBook offers free eBook libraries from around the globe

Download and read books from dozens of free online sources to your iPhone.

ShuBook presents a wide range of options for downloading free eBooks on your iPhone from numerous free global archives. With six languages to choose from and numerous options for each language, you can access tens of thousands of free books directly from the source and read them in a relatively straightforward interface.

Drawing from sources like Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archive, arXiv, Feedbooks, and SmashWords, users can download a huge range of free and copyright-free eBooks to your device to read immediately. The best part is that you can also access other languages such as Spanish, Japanese, German, and French, each with its own online database of free eBooks. When you select a book, it is added to your library for later access, or you can check your recent books for quicker access. All of this works well with few slow downs and a number of browsing options.

If you want to download and read free eBooks from any number of sources online, directly to your iPhone, then ShuBook is a good app. The ad support can be distracting at times; but with so many options, iTunes file sharing, and more, ShuBook manages to provide a decent secondary eBook reading platform for those that want to bypass commercial stores for their reading materials.

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