Review: My Secret Diary creates a private space for journalers of all ages

Lock and keep a diary secret with this easy-to-use, effective iOS app.

My Secret Diary could easily have been a quick cash in aimed at young women, but with clever design choices, a relatively strong set of features, and a useful security addition, it makes for a solid diary for anyone with an iPhone. With features like picture sharing, emoticons, and built-in music playback, many users will spend a lot of time on this app.

When you open My Secret Diary, you must tap the lock in the upper-right corner to start using the app. You can also set a code, which you'll be prompted to enter after tapping the lock. The diary uses the same basic interface as your notes app, but with a pink and black theme. You can add new pages with the plus button, take or add photos quickly, or check the calendar to see your past entries. The listening feature is also a nice welcome feature for those that want to stay completely inside this app and minimize switching.

What makes My Secret Diary a good app is that it knows the audience it is trying to reach but does not overtly pander to it. While the app is in pink and there are some "cute" options, it is not covered in glitter and shiny objects. It is a well-crafted app, with a number of options, and a security feature that many diary owners will be glad to have. It also works quite well and is free with ad support--a great option for someone who just wants to keep their thoughts private.

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