Review: Music Hits Jukebox displays the top hits on iTunes and YouTube

Sample and play videos of top music tracks currently available online.

Music Hits Jukebox is not a music player and if you expect it to be, you'll be disappointed; but for what it offers, it does a decent job. The core functionality here allows you to cruise the charts on various music sites and services--including iTunes, YouTube, and Actively updated on a regular basis and featuring numerous ways to sample and buy songs, or watch music videos on YouTube, Music Hits Jukebox does a good job in this regard.

The app opens with a number of options. You can view the current charts, or you can see the top songs by year, genre, theme or awards given. With iTunes,, YouTube, and Wikipedia integration, not only can you read about songs and artists, you can also download the tracks or sample them directly from the app. It is not a radio app, however, which many people will be disappointed with, and the "best of" lists are not organized in any particular fashion. However, it is very rare for any one song not to appear in the search results, and they pop up fast, with dozens of videos and iTunes results to choose from.

If you are interested in tracking the hottest songs currently on the charts or would like to review some of the top songs of any particular era or genre, Music Hits Jukebox is a good app with which to do so. This app is largely ad supported (so expect pop-ups), but it works well and is never hindered by ads.

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