Review: Mosaic Archive streams your Adobe Lightroom files to your iPhone

Access your Lightroom photos on the go with this easy-to-use iOS app.

Mosaic Archive makes it possible to take your Adobe Lightroom photos with you on any iOS device. The app is more than just a portfolio, however. By connecting directly with your desktop, it automatically uploads all new photos to the cloud for instant access, allowing you to sort by category and type, check dates on which they were taken, and save on your phone or share.

Setting up Mosaic Archive takes a while--requiring you to create an account, install the desktop client, and then start moving your photos. Start to finish, this can take upwards of 20 minutes, but when it is done, all of your Lightroom photos will be automatically moved to your iPhone for easy access on the go. The app is well designed, responsive, and fast, as well, and you can sort by age, star rating, or priority that you've set on any image for searching on your device. The result is a streamlined interface that perfectly emulates the desktop tools.

If you use Adobe Lightroom and have a large catalog of images that you need to take with you, Mosaic Archive is a must. It is fast, responsive, and free, and it provides a range of tools that do everything you need them to do for an app of this type, while out of the house or away from your desktop computer.

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